Body Shop

Vitamin C & Virgin Mojito / Mother's Day

We’ve worked with The Body Shop on a range of campaigns to help promote their unique position within the beauty industry. We’ve created a number of content driven campaigns for their primary social media channels; Instagram and Facebook, with a goal to drive high engagement with likes, shares and reposts.


What better way to get a burst of summer than to bring The Body Shop’s Vitamin C and Virgin Mojito campaigns into the social media arena. The Body Shop’s existing ‘ATL’ creative, as seen in store and print are brought to life with an injection of animation. Making the product story even more fun, quirky and engaging.

Stop-motion animation meant we could create a stylistic and unique piece of content, with designed new elements and adapted existing creative.

Goodbye grumpy skin! Our NEW moisturiser will help give you glowing, #happyskin!

A video posted by The Body Shop Official (@thebodyshop) on Apr 30, 2015 at 2:44am PDT

Making the project easily achievable from a time and cost perspective, but also effective, with the end result striking a chord with the audience and proving very popular. Delivered in a variety of formats the videos were rolled across all key social platforms.


The Body Shop ran a campaign leading up to Mother’s Day called ‘Treat Mum Like A Queen’. For 2015 we featured a modernised Andy Warhol-esque portrait of the queen; with giant smile with cucumbers covering her eyes in tow.

Once we had this style set in place, we were able to elaborate even further creating a stylised repertoire of content that hadn’t previously been seen. In this instance, we gave a series of products the royal treatment.

Our content went a little deeper into the ‘Treat Mum Like A Queen’ campaign, producing 3 short animations inspired by the lead creative. We were also able to make timely content with the arrival of Princess Charlotte, linking the campaign together nicely, whilst celebrating the great news.