Hook LDN

Engagement Strategy

In early 2016 Hook LDN approached us to help guide them with for their sophomore year in business.

For an energetic, face-paced business like HOOK LDN it was important for them to be able to implement our strategic thinking. Providing them with the framework and direction to be able to implement, improve and build their following across all social platforms.


After identifying key social platforms that HOOK LDN can improve and look towards moving into. We created a full strategy to help build their platforms’ objectives. Each objective is bespoke for users and their behaviour across the platforms.

Instagram - Build endorsement outside of own feed, greater lifestyle focus, strengthen narrative in content and more creativity in product positioning.

Twitter - Engage in brand topics through conversation, optimise publishing times and develop strong brand tone of voice.

Facebook - Celebrity / Influencer content, paid promotion, content profiling, more links to website.

YouTube - Campaign videos, Live music, customise channel with trailer and created playlists, search optimisation and tap into a deeper emotional connection through storytelling narrative.

Alongside these channel objectives and opportunities, we identified key initiatives and activities for HOOK LDN to pick and choose from - enabling them to choose when and how to build their platforms.


Pairing strategic thinking with slick art direction is what we do best here at Catch. Giving the brand a fresh start for the new year; we worked on how their social channels would look, especially the more visually dominant channels like Instagram and Pinterest.

We worked closely with the brand to develop how the world should look from HOOK LDN’s perspective. The channels should represent people who are the trendsetters not followers, people who move to the beat of their own drum and content that is finely curated to display HOOK LDN’s unique vision of the world.


Proposing how to make great content is one thing, actually delivering on those intentions is another. Working with the team at HOOK LDN, we sourced the right photographers and content producers, offering them opportunities that HOOK LDN hadn’t considered previously.

The photography featured in this case study focuses around the PR day HOOK LDN held at ‘Lights of Soho’, a typically fenced off event for press and journalists. We however saw those people as potential social influencers and jumped at the chance to photograph them, with the product in a great venue.

Stylistically, we drew inspiration from the campaign materials, but ensured all the content captured was appropriate and optimal for engagement on social.